Cast in order of appearance

  Dame Tony Castle  
  Tommy (Babe #1) Rosemary Heal  
  Terry (Babe #2) Mary Dunham  
  Kathryn Julia McDonald  
  Marion Patricia Martin  
  Willie Cyril Epps  
  Yer John Keirle  
  Tiz Eric Bowley  
  Sheriff Peter Summerhayes  
  Robin Hood Joan Francis  
  Little John Bob Ballard  
  Alan ‘A’ Dale Sheila Baker  
  Friar Tuck Wilf Hicks  
  Woodland Fairy Queen Lynn Summerhayes  
  White Rabbit Sandra Holley  
  1st Boy Jeannette Bennett  
  1st Girl Bernadette Beasley  

Production Team

  Producer Harry Good  
  Director Harry Good  
  Script Written By Unknown  
  Choreographer Madge Hewitt  
  Musical Director Ted Ashman  
  Hon. Accompanist Mrs. V. Bowley  
  Lighting Director John H. Farrance  
  Stage Manager Ken Lowder  
  Properties Unknown  
  Publicity Manager Ken Coombes