Cast in order of appearance

  Mother Goose Tony Castle  
  Carl the Shopman John Sealey  
  Demon Discord Phillip Hooper  
  Fairy Goodheart Joy Cox  
  Hans Marie Barnes  
  Countess Constance Mary Hughes  
  Girda Miriam Lerman  
  Idle Jack John Farrance  
  Count Grizzley Wilf Hicks  
  Muffin Dave Prew  
  Miffen John Keirl  
  Belinda, the Goose Clare Clutterbuck  
  The Demon Barber I. Polishemoff  
  King of Gooseland Phillip Hooper  
  Prime Minister John Sealey  

Production Team

  Producer Harry Good  
  Director Harry Good  
  Script Written By Unknown  
  Choreographer Madge Hewitt  
  Musical Director Eddie Applegate  
  Hon. Accompanist Bill Young  
  Lighting Director John H. Farrance  
  Stage Manager Ken Lowder  
  Properties Mistress Unknown  
  Publicity Manager Peter Summerhayes