Cast in order of appearance

  Baron Hardcastle Peter Summerhayes  
  Master of the Hounds Terry Pither  
  Barmaid Audrey Webber  
  Fairy Carol Waterman  
  Cinderella Miriam Lerman  
  Buttons Tony Castle  
  Prince Marie Barnes  
  Dandini Monica Brown  
  Dame Bob Pearce  
  Cynthia John Farrance  
  Penelope Royston Davies  
  Lord High Cancellor Wilf Hicks  
  Julia Mary Hughes  
  Monty Barbara Hill  
  Minnie Janet Pearce  
  Orace Iggins Johnny Keirl  
  Understudy Jean Blanchflower  


Production Team

  Producer Harry Good  
  Director Harry Good  
  Script Written By Grace Good  
  Choreographer Elaine Cresswell  
  Musical Director Eddie Applegate  
  Hon. Accompanist John Corbett  
  Lighting Director John H. Farrance  
  Stage Manager Ken Lowder  
  Properties Mistress Diane Richards  
  Publicity Manager Ray Tranter & Sam Bullen